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ReachNow is a carsharing service operated by the BMW Group in Washington, Oregon and New York. It uses a mobile app for car reservations for riding,  driving and operates a fleet of over 1,000 vehicles.

“Drive or be driven. It’s up to you.” –


BMW RN Project 15

There were a number of projects completed for ReachNow, from environmental signage and production art to web banners and visual design. This project showcases some elements of the visual design process completed for ReachNow’s native app.

Define the problem and specific intentions.
What is the specific situation?

ReachNow sought assistance in personalizing their ‘first-time in vehicle’ UX landing page. Ultimately they wanted more personality added to their mobile app. They, not only, felt more personality would help sell the experience their car service provided, but was simply more appealing to the end user (below shows the original landing page).

What’s the task?
Specify Parameters & comprehend the brief.

Firstly, personable solutions needed to be explored. Then, visually communicate iterations and mockups of how the ‘RIDE & DRIVE’ apps should appear together. The work was done alongside an in-house PM, UX Designer and Copy Writer to effectively refine and flush out the marketing direction and solutions to reach project goals. Communication was performed through asana for changes and design adjustments (below is initial design direction).

What actions were taken?
Exploratory & Execution of Original Concept.

Concepts were explored for more effective marketing, while conducting market research and competitor analysis. Sought out uber and airbnb design languages for inspiration and worked closely with the PM to execute vision. Utilized personalized imagery and made design calls on color and pronounced typography with intent to aide in the new directions voice. Other concepts were explored of using only solid colors and icon treatment, however the concepts didn’t feel personal enough. Continued to concept more lifestyle images with a focus on text, instead of color overlays which was met with positive feedback. Once photography was taken/provided from ReachNow – we worked through choosing the best images to communicate/correlate with on screen descriptions (ie Drive Yourself, Where to?, etc..). In the end 170+ design iterations were created between the family of products. Below is the first, third and final iterations of the on-boarding screens. Once final edits were complete and approved, final assets were prepped for developer handed off.



Revision 3





What was the result?
k and final handoff.

ReachNow’s in-house crew responded positively to the final iterations and used screens to decorate there Seattle office (current landing image of shop front – above). Product launched late summer of 2018. User feedback is currently being collected to adjust design iterations for the future of the product.


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